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Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have more feel free to reach out!

Where are you guys based out of?

East coast! We live in a little town in South Carolina.

Do you travel?

Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes! We love it, we do it as a hobby, and love to travel for work. If you have any questions reach out! (Especially if it's an out of country wedding we will make sure to work somethings out!) 

How many videographers will be at my wedding?

A minimum of 2 videographers will be there at all times. If your wedding is much bigger and will need a 3rd videographer with your permission we will provide one at NO extra cost!

How long is your coverage for day of the wedding?

10 Hour coverage - starts as soon as we start filming! (if you need longer coverage just let us know ahead of time.)

How long after the wedding do i get my video?

By contract, it is 1- 6 months after your wedding, most of the time it is much sooner!

We are interested in booking, what are the next steps?

Great! you can reach out to us! (our information is under the contact part of our website) We will talk over your needs and send you your personalized contract!

Do you have any recommendations for more vendors?

Absolutely! Just ask! Over the years we have worked with amazing photographers, venues, florists & anything wedding-related. We would love to make wedding planning just a tad easier for you. 

How long have you been filming weddings? 

We started shortly after we got married so almost 3 years now!

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